Margherita Pizza
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Margherita Pizza
Margherita Pizza
Margherita Pizza
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Climate-Friendly Crackers

Margherita Pizza

Like sunshine for your taste buds, these vibrant crackers combine aromatic basil with savory tomato for a totally irresistible snack. This is the party your mouth has been waiting for!

Allergens: Contains wheat, made on shared equipment that also processes milk and sesame. 

6 Pack

Organic wheat flour

Organic sunflower oil

Organic tomato

Organic sourdough 

(fermented organic rye flour, salt)

Sea salt

Organic spice blend

(organic basilorganic garlic, organic onion, organic oregano)

Baking soda

Contains: wheat

Regeneratively grown ingredients

Our artisan wheat and sunflower oil come from regenerative farms that prioritize healthy soil.

Organic and non-GMO ingredients

Our ingredients are clean, traceable, non-GMO and organic.

Crazy delicious

Stone-milled, artisan wheat makes our crackers light and crispy. Our special milling process preserves the natural character of the wheat by retaining a portion of the bran.

Great for pairing

Slide that dip on over! Our crackers are tasty all on their own, but they’re also sturdy enough to eat with cheese and spreads.

Heart healthy oil

Our sunflower oil is pressed from flowers grown on regenerative farms in Colorado. Plus, it’s high oleic, which means that it’s rich in monounsaturated fats (the good kind)!

No added sugar

No artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors

No bleach or bromates in our wheat flour

No animal-based ingredients (Plant Forward is Planet Forward!)

Why are Moonshot’s Crackers Climate-Friendly?

Our ingredients

We thoughtfully source ingredients packed with flavor and nutrients from climate-friendly farmers. These planet lovers practice regenerative agriculture, which captures carbon and enriches soil (aka grows more nutrient-dense food)!

Our packaging

We use 100% recycled cardboard for our cartons and recyclable plastic for our interior bags. We are also hard at work researching and experimenting with home-compostable packaging. Stay tuned!

Our operations

As a brand, we’re committed to minimizing our emissions wherever possible and offsetting the balance with vetted, high quality carbon offsets.