Climate-Friendly Crackers

130 reviews
Variety Pack

We like options and we know you do, too. Our variety pack gives you all three crazy delicious flavors of our climate-friendly crackers. More snacking, more flavor, and more awesomeness.

133 reviews
Sourdough Sea Salt

A simple cracker that’s anything but basic. Perfect for dipping and snacking, these sensational snacks have a zing of tang that complements any food or occasion. Savory, sweet, emergency hangry rations - this cracker can do it all!

167 reviews
Rosemary Garlic

Delightfully savory and herby, these super delicious crackers will jazz up cheese boards, soups, and your favorite dips. Grab a box and enjoy a garden of climate-friendly delights.

86 reviews
Tomato Basil

Like sunshine for your taste buds, these vibrant crackers combine aromatic basil with savory tomato for a totally irresistible snack. This is the party your mouth has been waiting for!


Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture practices are built on a foundation of conservation and rehabilitation. At scale, these practices help to tackle climate change by storing carbon in the soil. This carbon helps to renew the soil’s organic matter while keeping it out of our atmosphere.

How our products are made

Since we forge direct connections with farmers, we know exactly where and how our food is grown--which includes its climate-friendliness and human impact. Most brands utilize suppliers for their ingredients, making it difficult to trace their sourcing and impact. At Moonshot, we’re proud to set a new precedent.

About Our Mission

We want to give everyone the power and resources to be a Climatarian. Climate-friendly snacks are possible, and it’s our mission to prove that food can help fight climate change. Thanks for joining us on our carbon neutral journey!

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