"Packing a box of Moonshot crackers will feel good not just in your belly, but also in your heart once you learn the company’s commitment to fighting climate change"

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"...regenerative farming is taking [sustainability] to the next level"

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"The regeneratively grown ingredients that Mooshot employs for its delicious, hunger-quenching crackers is wheat and sunflower oil"

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"Moonshot, a carbon-neutral company in San Francisco that makes a line of crackers from regeneratively grown ingredients with stone-milled, heirloom wheat and 100 percent recycled packaging"

"...regenerative agriculture practices, which helps to promote biodiversity, carbon-capture in soil, and improves watersheds."

"These health-conscious crackers from Moonshot are organic, non-GMO and created with the climate in mind, so you can snack guilt-free."

"The sustainable snack...[is] made with no added sugars in a carbon neutral fashion and highlights the potential of carbon-fixation found within Mother Nature."

"These Climate-Friendly Crackers Made Me Put Down My Cheez-Its For Good"

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