How we’re climate-friendly

There is no silver bullet to solving the climate crisis, but we know two things to be true. First, food production takes an environmental toll. Second, we must reduce global net CO2 to zero and also draw down carbon this decade for us to ensure a safe, stable temperature. Every decision we make, every day, matters. We believe that with immediate action, we can create longstanding and necessary sustainable change.

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Our Ingredients

We source ingredients that are as close to the farmer as we can get. For example, the two primary ingredients in our crackers, organic artisan wheat and sunflower oil, are traceable back to farmer and field. Since we forge direct connections with farmers, we know exactly where and how our food is grown--which includes its climate-friendliness and human impact. Most brands utilize suppliers for their ingredients, making it difficult to trace their sourcing and impact. At Moonshot, we’re proud to set a new precedent!

Shorter Supply Chain

Limiting the distance our ingredients travel is also a priority! Our wheat is grown only 2 miles from the mill where it becomes flour. The mill is only 85 miles away from the bakery where this flour is transformed into delicious Moonshot snacks. With less time on the road, our ingredients aren’t just climate-friendly, they deliver snacks with fresher, bolder flavors as well.

Regenerative Agriculture

Healthy topsoil grows healthy food and helps create a healthy planet. Unfortunately, 70% of the world’s available topsoil has been eroded. 😬 Moonshot is committed to supporting new topsoil creation, which is why our visionary farmers have built soil health right into their cultivation methods. Those are the regenerative agriculture practices we keep mentioning. These practices, like cover cropping, reducing tillage, and rotating crops, require strong knowledge of how to cultivate a healthy ecosystem in a particular location and stem from indigenous peoples’ deep understanding of place and species interdependence.

  • Happy Farmers
    Happy Farmers

    We’ve forged direct connections with our farmers, ensuring our ingredients are traceable right back to the farmer and field. We pay them a premium to build a market for the food that they take great care in growing and the healthy soil they’re building.

  • Organic

    We know that it’s not just how our ingredients are grown that matters, but also what they’re treated with as they grow. That’s why we’ve selected only the best certified organic ingredients for our snacks.

  • More Nutrients
    More Nutrients

    Regenerative agriculture cultivates a community of microbes and invertebrates that enrich the soil. This healthier soil means more nutrient-dense food that’s tastier too!


Moonshot is on one very delicious mission: climate-friendly snacks that have an impact.