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Ignite Your Inner CLIMATARIAN

And start eating your way to a healthier planet!

✨ 🌱 🌎 🌾 ✊🏽✨

At Moonshot, we’re on a mission to tackle climate change through the power of food, starting with our crazy delicious climate-friendly crackers. With just one bite, you’ll taste the difference from our freshly-milled wheat grown by family farms! Creating a healthy food system never tasted so good. 😉

Ingredients Sourced from Regenerative Farms

We thoughtfully source ingredients packed with flavor and nutrients from climate-friendly farmers. These planet lovers practice regenerative agriculture, which captures carbon and enriches soil (aka grows more nutrient-dense food)!

Traceable Supply Chain

We’ve forged direct connections with our farmers, ensuring our ingredients are traceable right back to the farmer and field.

Carbon Neutral

As part of our commitment to being climate-friendly, we measure, sequester, reduce, and offset our company’s carbon impact to ensure that we are carbon neutral.

Crazy Delicious

Stone-milled, artisan wheat makes our crackers light and crispy and gives them a delicious buttery taste (without the butter!).