We’re leveraging food to fight climate change

At Moonshot, we want to play our part in preserving the vast, wonderful planet we call home. As we looked around, it became clear that using the power of food is the most impactful way for us to tackle climate change — at least 25% of our greenhouse gas emissions comes from our food!

Okay, okay: fine. We also started a food company because we love to eat… but we mostly did it because how we eat is so impactful to the planet.

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Meet our founder

When Julia Collins found out that she was going to become a mom, she had a nagging thought that she just couldn’t shake: “how can I create a better world for my tiny human?” The answer to this question has been the catalyst for Julia’s quest. That quest? To create climate-friendly snacks and then take it one step further by building a platform called Planet FWD that allows other food companies to do the same.

Moonshot's purpose is to create delicious, climate-friendly snacks that are good for you and the planet.

How we're climate-friendly

Innovative Snacks are Just the Beginning

Planet FWD builds technology to help food brands rethink the cycle of food production as an opportunity for regeneration. This regeneration, while based on our farmers’ practices, is for more than just their soil; it's for the world at large. That’s why Planet FWD works to connect farmers with brands that want to change the world through food. Moonshot’s innovative snacks are an example of Planet FWD in action - we source regeneratively grown ingredients that are less greenhouse gas intensive!