At Moonshot, we make crazy delicious snacks. The difference is, with each bite of our crackers, you’re taking part in a movement that’s taking a bite out of climate change. Talk about guilt-free snacking!

Building a HEALTHY FOOD SYSTEM, One Tasty Snack at a Time

Our goal is to bring you food that demonstrates what’s possible when you sweat the small stuff. With just one bite, you’ll taste the difference from our freshly-milled wheat grown on regenerative farms! Creating a healthy food system never tasted so good. 😉

cracker cracker

Healthier soil = tastier food

Let’s get to the root of it all (literally). How is it that our farmers tackle climate change? It all starts with building healthy soil. These carefully selected stewards of land and seed do that by practicing regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farming that stems from the wisdom of working together with nature as Indigenous Peoples have for millennia. It restores ecosystems through practices like cover cropping and reducing tillage, building healthier soil, improving biodiversity, and capturing carbon from the atmosphere. This makes crops happier, stronger, and more independent. Give the land what it needs, and it can store water and fight off disease all on its own. Healthier soil means more nutrient dense food that’s tastier, too!

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